Sports Central are pleased to launch a new gender equality project, Women and girls in sport: Quick wins for community clubs.

Women and girls in sport: Quick wins for community clubs has been developed by VicHealth and will be delivered as a component of the VicHealth Regional Sport Program.  Sports Central will work with club administrators to increase awareness of gender equality, assess the environment their club currently offers for women and girls, and implement actions to make improvements, attracting more women and girls to their club.

What is Women and girls in sport: Quick wins for community clubs
This gender equality program is designed to nudge club administrators to consider small, but impactful, improvements to their club to generate a welcoming and inclusive environment for women and girls. These changes are intended to be low cost and simple to implement.

This program aims to increase awareness of club administrators, and to challenge existing beliefs, assumptions and practices – that may be unconscious, automatic and historical.

What is the benefit of clubs participating in this project
Clubs will benefit from small, but impactful, improvements in a multitude of ways.  Some examples include:

  • Create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for women & girls
  • Increased awareness of gender equality
  • Potential to increase participation of women and girls
  • Potential to increase promotion of women and girls in sport
  • Potential to increase females taking on leadership roles within the club
  • Potential to promote the club as industry leaders
  • Potential to increase grant application success

What is required of clubs
Clubs who elect to participate in this project will complete a 10 question assessment to identify possible areas of improvement.  At the completion of the assessment, administrators will identify two key actions where the club can make positive change.  Clubs will be guided through the assessment and how to implement change by Sports Central.

What is the time commitment required by clubs
The 10 question assessment can be completed face to face, over the phone or via email.  This may take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Identified actions can be completed in a time-frame that best suits the club. There is no defined time-frame for clubs to complete their actions, however a 3 month progress check-in will occur with all participating clubs

Who is this project open to
This project is open to all clubs and associations in the Central Highlands region. There are no prerequisites required to participate in this program.

How do clubs participate in the project
Register your interest or seek further information by contacting or phoning 5331 6966.