Community Sport Flood Recovery

Through the new ‘Community Sport Flood Recovery’ program, regional sporting clubs will be able to receive help in getting back to playing sport as quickly as possible.

Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program

As flood affected towns across Victoria begin relief and recovery efforts, the Victorian Government is working to minimise the risks floodwaters can cause to human health, and investing to support communities, including local sporting clubs, to rebuild and recover together.

Flood Recovery

Our thoughts go out to everyone across the Central Highlands region who has been impacted by flooding. The images we see both from individuals and sporting clubs are devastating, but seeing strangers come together to help their community is heartwarming. 

Sports Central – Stride into Sport

Sports Central has been working with Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) to introduce the Stride into Sport campaign, aiming to boost club registrations. This campaign will actively promote sporting opportunities available over the Summer and highlight how the barriers to sport can be overcome.

Stride into Sport

Why Stride into Sport? The days are getting longer, and summer sport seasons are around the corner. It’s time to get back involved in your local club!