Sports Central is committed to strengthening the Central Highlands sport and recreation sector. Our mission continues to focus on promoting an active and inclusive region that supports our diverse sporting clubs, leagues, active recreation groups and community sector partners. We want to increase the professionalism and capabilities of all regional sporting organizations by striving for healthy, inclusive and connected communities.

The guiding principles and values outlined within our Strategic Plan are supported by our board members, passionate staff, key stakeholders and valued community partners who demonstrate the  drive and expertise to achieve our strategy. The objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan are underpinned by two major pillars:

  • Orgainstional: Business function and capacity focus
  • Community Impacts: Program and Service outcome focus

Sports Central is excited by the opportunity to work with all our members, partner organisations and surrounding communities to achieve our strategic aims to assist the sector to excel and grow in the future.

Click below to read our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan 

Sports Central Strategic Plan 2020-2024