Sports Central has begun working with Regional Sport Victoria and seven other Regional Sports Assemblies to conduct a research project designed to better understand the position of regional sport clubs, leagues, recreation groups and associations. The project aims to gather information about the issues limiting organisations, and where our resources should be focused to support these concerns.  

Moving forward, the project is critical to  ensuring that funding, support services and educational resources are used efficiently and effectively to assist sporting organisations throughout regional Victoria. This will allow organisations to thrive and attract or retain players, volunteers, and members within smoothly ran competitions and leagues. 

Our staff have begun calling representatives from sporting organisations within the Central Highlands to participate in a 15–20 minute conversation to gain insights and opinions on factors currently effecting our sporting sector. 

If you receive a call regarding this project, we encourage you to please participate or contact the office directly on 5331 6966 to organise a consultation. Alternatively you can email to participate.