This is the third in a series of Premier’s Active April articles presented by the Sports Central team, showcasing a variety of ways to #stayactive.  Being physically active during this time of social distancing is vitally important so that we maintain good physical and mental health and keep our stress levels at bay.

During the Winter months I normally like to stay active by going to my local gym.  My program normally centres around strength training and the odd cardio session in an effort to remain fit in between cricket seasons. 

As soon as the gym closed I knew I would have to get creative in order to form some new habits.  I have not been a big fan of going for a run alone, I am motivated by the social and competitive side of sport and physical activity.  This has presented me with the opportunity to try and change up my approach to activity and fitness.  

The time at home with my expecting wife has also given us the opportunity to remain active together by going out for daily walks around the local area.  We are fortunate to be close to a number of great tracks and trails that allow us to get out in nature and unwind at the end of a work day.  This is something that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do while the weather allows for it and before we welcome a new addition to the family. The coming weeks and months will be an exciting time in our lives and we will no doubt be a bit more introspective than normal, while the world around us continues to adjust to the social changes that we face.

We are conscious of the need to remain healthy both through a balanced diet and regular physical activity as well as looking after ourselves and each other.  The Active April campaign couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally as it has allowed me to track and reflect on my activity and to try and form new habits that I can carry forward in the weeks, and months ahead.  

It has been great to see so many examples across the community of people staying physically active and socially connected through these times.  I encourage you to continue to focus on the support networks that you have around you, whether it is your family, friends, sporting club team mates and active recreation group participants.  Stay connected and stay active both now and beyond April.  

Michael Flynn
Executive Officer