Most of my riding is done on a stationery bike in a group fitness class.  It’s a good cardio workout and an efficient use of time, but not necessarily fun at times!  It was a bit of a shock to the system when fitness centres closed their doors due to Covid-19

I like to be active so it was time to pull the bike out of the shed and go further afield.  We are really blessed in Ballarat with many trails and green spaces close by – the Canadian and Yarrowee creek trails, the Skipton Rail Trail, Goldfields trail, Victoria Park and Lake Wendouree just to name a few.  Mostly they seem well maintained and it’s been lovely to see so many people out using them.  Whilst out on the tracks I’ve seen many families riding together enjoying themselves in the fresh air.  It’s quiet on a bike, you can hear the many different bird calls and sometimes see animals disappearing into the trees. 

I’ve been on a few long rides with my husband and it’s been a lot of fun.  It’s worked really well even though we are on different levels; he will go out for a long road ride, come home, swap to a hybrid and we’ll go riding on trails together. 

There’s been some days where the weather is not great and that’s when I’ve been doing some yoga indoors; check out the many exercise videos online.  (Start with Workouts on the Active April website!)

I’ve also been walking with my son quite a lot and it’s a great activity for communication; lots of topics get discussed!  He’s away from his computer, tertiary studies, phone and other distractions and it’s a time of real connection.  I’m working from home, like many people at the moment and I find it’s a great chance to switch off from work mode and relieve stress.

I think exercise is so much more important than just the physical fitness side, it helps with our mental health and whole being.  Try different activities and find one that’s right for you, mix it up a bit depending on how you feel and what the weather is doing!