During this​ time of uncertainty, clubs may be wondering if they can still hold their general meetings and for summer clubs who have finished their 2019/2020 season, they might be questioning if and how they can go about holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Your club can still hold meetings, however the Victorian Government’s direction regarding gatherings means that you cannot meet in person and will need to use a teleconference, video-conference or other means of electronic communication.  When conducting meetings online, please ensure that your club is still adhering to your constitution.  Consumer Affairs Victoria has provided guidance on online meetings and proxy votes.  For further information, click here.

Lex Sportiva, an online sports law blog has provided some great advice for clubs regarding holding AGM’s during this time.  The key points they make include:

  • Seek an online platform that allows you to register attendees to track which members are attending your AGM and to record who is present in the electronic meeting room. Zoom allows you to so this.
  • Hold your AGM within the timeframe set in your constitution. Issue the notice for your AGM as usual and in accordance with your constitution and ensure that the notice informs members that the meeting will be held electronically.
  • Ensure the meeting still meets the quorum requirements as outlined in your constitution. Within the notice of AGM and meeting agenda include a procedural motion (for wording please refer to the full article from Lex Sportiva)
  • Provide all reports and documents to be considered at the meeting including the Annual Financial Statement to members either via email or a private link on your website. Ensure that this information is provided to members as far in advance as possible.
  • Prepare minutes following the AGM as per normal, recording that the meeting was held electronically.

For further information on each of the above points and to view the full article from Lex Sportiva, click here.

A reminder that clubs have five months to hold their AGM from the end of the financial year (which has been determined by the club).  If you are not sure of when your financial year ends, it is stated in your constitution.   Consumer Affairs Victoria have made allowances for possible extensions.  For further information, click here

Sports Central wish to thank Sports Focus for preparing this article.