Updated on 19th October 2020

The Victoria Government recently announced from 11:59pm on 18 October, the further easing of restrictions for regional Victoria. 

For sport and recreation in regional Victoria this includes:

  • Outdoor physical recreation:
    • Up to 10 people in any group, unless all members of the group are part of the same household
    • Physical distancing maintained, shared or communal equipment must be cleaned between users
  • Community Sport:
    • Outdoor non-contact sport can resume for adults:
      • non-contact sport is any sport where you can maintain 1.5 metres between yourself and others while playing.
      • you can play sport with the number of people required to play plus necessary coaches and umpires.
      • spectators are not allowed.
    • Outdoor sport can resume for people who are 18 years of age and younger, this includes contact sport:
      • you can play sport with the number of people required to play plus necessary coaches and umpires.
      • spectators are allowed if they are supervising children or supporting players with additional needs, while maintain gathering limits of less than ten people.
    • Toilets and communal changerooms are open
    • Canteens, kiosks or at-venue dining facilities can open subject to the industry restart guidelines for hospitality
    • A cap of 10 people in any cohort participating in an individual outdoor community sport (e.g. athletics, cycling, walking, bushwalking, trail walking)
  • Personal training: outdoors, up to 10 people, trainer not included in cap
  • Outdoor communal gym equipment: open
  • Fitness or dance classes (including classes associated with gyms):
    • Open for outdoor classes, up to 10 people, trainer not included in cap
    • Indoors: open but heavily restricted – open for recording and broadcast permitted only with minimum number of people required to conduct the recording/streaming, up to 5 people:
    • Only one person at a time may be exempted from wearing a face covering under the strenuous physical exercise exemption E.g. the trainer leading the broadcast
    • Shared equipment may be used if cleaned between each user and comply with density and other requirements
  • Outdoor swimming pools:
    • Limited to the density quotient of the pool itself or 50 patrons per pool, whichever is smaller, other than for the following exceptions:
    • Exclusive use by a single school at any one time for education purposes
    • Exclusive use for community sport
  • Indoor pools (including swimming classes):
    • open exclusively for those aged 18 years and under subject to pool maximum of 20 patrons or density quotient (1 person per four square metres).
    • Open for one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with a health professional where clinically indicated. No group sessions
  • Camps:
    • Limited outdoor recreation camps open as an exclusive facility for a single school for educational purposes. Also, for tourism purposes for people who live together, are part of a household bubble and ensuring persons from separate bookings do not share bedrooms at the facility.
  • Publicly accessible playgrounds: open, outdoor only
  • Playcentres: closed
  • Skateparks: open, outdoor only
  • Trampolining centres: outdoor open, indoor closed

For further information on the current restrictions, click here.