The innovative 6-week Emerging Leaders in Community Sport Pilot Program has commenced with a diverse and impressive range of participants.  The Emerging Leaders program aims to give voice to the young people in our sporting community and to develop our outstanding young people into positive contributors and leaders within their sporting communities.  During the program, each participant is supported to co-design a relevant youth leadership role within their sporting club.

The current cohort represent a diverse range of sport including golf, cricket, football, basketball, cycling and all abilities football and netball from across the Central Highlands region.

The Emerging Leaders Pilot is delivered flexibly online with weekly “work at your own pace modules” to cater for the busy lives our Emerging Leaders are navigating. The tailored content is an interactive leadership resource in which participants can refer to at any point throughout their club leadership journeys.

Over the first weeks the Emerging Leaders have covered themes such as:-

  • Understanding the complexities of leadership and the skills required
  • Personal values-based inquiry to inform leadership style
  • Effective communication skills for leaders and coaches
  • Active listening & empathy
  • Building a positive club culture and inclusive club community

Most importantly, the program has allowed highly informative dialogue regarding the sporting leadership opportunities young people desire in our community. The valuable insights learned from our leaders will be used to inform our sporting community and the development of relevant future programs.

Key insights include:

  • Coaching is an excellent gateway into sporting club leadership/volunteering roles
  • Our Emerging Leaders identified 2 sets of skills that they feel would support their transition in coaching or leadership role:- 1) quality technical skill/drills and fundamental specific resources; 2) opportunities to develop “soft” skills applicable to coaching
  • A mentor or key contact person at the club should be identified if the emerging leader needs support
  • The emerging leaders who volunteer in sporting clubs are very busy. They juggle school/university, part time work, study, personal sporting commitments and social commitments.
  • Young people want networking and leadership development opportunities available.

In future, we hope to offer this program in a 1–2-day face-to-face workshop environment hosted by local Sporting Associations.

The program re-commences in late January, where we look forward to further supporting young people emerge as community sport leaders in our Central Highlands community.

For more information regarding the Emerging Leaders in Community Sport Program:

Kate Weadon
Sports Development Consultant
Phone: 5331 6966 (ext: 110)

Xavier Smith
Sports Development Consultant
Phone: 5311 6966 (ext: 107)