Regional Sport Program

Funded by VicHealth, the Regional Sports Program is designed to support growth in physical activity participation through sport and increase the availability and supply of water in community sport.

Focus Areas

Physical Activity – To instigate new opportunities across regional Victoria that will enable those who are inactive or somewhat active to become more active through participation in sport.
Water – To strengthen policy and practices making water the beverage of choice in regional Victorian sporting clubs, leagues and facilities.

Program Vision

Physical Activity
Partner with organisations across the Central Highlands to address significant gaps in the market that prevent people from participating in their sport of choice, within an environment that suits their needs.

Through exploration of the various points in the lifecycle of a sports participant, we aim to:

  • Identify and create entry points, close exit points and create alternative options for people to participate
  • Address the key barriers to participation that people face

The key gaps and opportunities that we will be addressing:

  • Identify gaps in the junior participation pathway across selected sports delivered in the region and create opportunities
  • Identify gaps in the junior to senior participation pathway across selected sports delivered in the region and create opportunities
  • Extend opportunities for those who are at the end the traditional participation pathway and wish to stay active in their sport of choice
  • Make sport for over 55 year olds more accessible by breaking down barriers to traditional sporting opportunities
  • Create a multiple sport membership opportunity – A partnership between sports that allow participants flexible, affordable access to sports they choose to play

Partner with organisations across the Central Highlands to make water more accessible at sporting facilities and improve the sporting communities’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of water consumption over other alternatives.

The key gaps and opportunities we will be addressing:

  • Sporting clubs and recreation facilities are not aware how to get more access to public water infrastructure
  • Lack of knowledge amongst the sporting community of the benefits of water over sugar sweetened beverages
  • The sporting community are receptive to building a strong culture around hydration and healthy drink choices during sporting activities, particularly for children and teenagers

For more information about the Regional Sport Program, contact 5331 6966 or email

Good Sports Program

Good Sports provides free support to sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking. Under the program, clubs will focus more on young people, families and sport participation and less on drinking alcohol.

The three-level accreditation criteria provide alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and / or consume alcohol. Clubs move through the levels over a period of 3 – 5 years, maintaining all standards from previous levels as they progress.

To find out more or to become involved in the program contact the staff at Sports Central.


Responsible Gambling Charter – Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

A Responsible Gambling Charter has been developed to help clubs take a responsible approach to gambling. Signing the charter is a commitment to minimising the exposure of gambling activities and advertising to young people, and to raise awareness about the potential risks of gambling in the club community.

Gamblings not a game logo

Their sporting clubs program aims to counter the growing culture of gambling in clubs by encouraging and supporting responsible and healthy club environments.  For the program aims, a list of what clubs receive as part of their participation and an application form visit