Club Management

Whether you are an Executive Committee member of your club or a volunteer parent we can support you with your work around your club. Our team has a wide range of experience and skills across all aspects of club management and administration from governance and club planning through to fundraising and even social media.

Sports Central are connected to networks and partnerships locally, statewide and nationally that give you access to the latest information and support to run your club or association the best you can. Allowing your sport to be played with the peace of mind that the off field boxes have been ticked.


We know that each grassroots sports club is unique, we understand this and pride ourselves on being able to support you with just what you need through a targeted support service. One of the tools that we use is ClubHelp. The online resource is the one stop shop for you to get the resources and latest updates you need to be across all aspects of your club’s management. Visit

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Workshops & Training

Sports Central offer a range of workshops and training opportunities to anyone involved in sporting clubs and recreation providers. Please visit our Upcoming workshop & training page for information regarding upcoming events!

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Important Info/Links for Clubs for Compliance/Governance

Associations Incorporation – Consumer Affairs Victoria
Incorporation Associations Reforms Now Apply From 26 November, many Victorian incorporated associations will be deemed to be operating under new rules. Associations do not need to take any action before this date. However, they should consider how the changes may affect their own association.

If your association continues to operate under model rules, from 26 November you will be automatically deemed to be operating under the new model rules.  If your existing rules do not meet the new requirements, the relevant supplies of the new model rules will automatically be deemed to apply, as part of your rules. You do not need to take any action until you want to make any other changes. However, once you decide to make any changes, you must address all 23 required matters from schedule 1 of the new Act.

Liquor & Gambling Regulation – Liquor Licensing Victoria