VicHealth Active Club – Open February 5th 2019

VicHealth is inviting community sport clubs to apply for an Active Club Grant. Grants for sporting clubs provide up to $3000 or $10,000 to increase participation opportunities for Victorians in community sport.


VicHealth is looking to fund clubs in two key outcome areas:

Focus Area 1 – Female participation
VicHealth funding is available to support clubs to implement initiatives to engage more women and girls in sport.

  • Almost half as many women take part in organised sport compared to men, and women are most likely to stop playing sport as teenagers.
  • There is more momentum in female sport than ever before, but we need to offer more opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sport at the community level.
  • We encourage your club to think about how you can offer more opportunities for female participation, including
    • new teams
    • new competitions
    • new programs

Focus Area 2 – Social & Modified Sport
VicHealth funding is available to support clubs to implement new social or modified sport programs that target less active Victorians.

  • Social sport opportunities are more flexible or social and less structured than traditional sport activities.
  • These programs have greater emphasis on fun, social interaction and enjoyment, and less emphasis on performance, results and competition.
  • Social sports may have many elements of traditional sport but are primarily
    • for fun and friendship
    • to introduce someone to a sport
    • to bring people back to sport that have dropped out due to injury, time commitments or other circumstances.
  • Modified sport are when Changes are made to existing sports activities to best suit the needs and abilities of inactive or somewhat active people and increase the accessibility of activities to a wider audience. This may include
    • changes to rules
    • type of equipment
    • playing area
    • duration of games
    • scoring to suit skill level/ability
  • Sport activities and programs can be modified based on factors, including age, disability, skill level, fitness level, facility availability, location or time.

Applications open Tuesday 5 February 2019 and close Friday 8 March 2019.

For further information and to apply, visit