Tip of the Month – December 2013


Don’t wait till a grant opens…be ready!

Getting grants is a great way to purchase much needed equipment, uniforms or for more substantial works at your club, but it does take a bit of effort.

1.  Get your committee to create a wish list of what and prioritise what you need so you can match it with grant opportunities.
2.  Designate a “Grants Officer” who has the task of coordinating what grants are out there and what to apply for in each round.
3.  Develop a template with your club’s information, vision statement, membership details so when it comes time to applying, all the information is ready to go and you don’t need to reinvent the same speel for each new grant application.
4.  Come into Sports Central and have one of the staff look over your application for hints on “jargon” to use and to ensure you have matched what you need with what the funder is looking to support.
5.  Don’t forget that if you are successful in getting a grant you will have work to do…particularly if you are relying on inkind labour, don’t set yourself up for a nightmare!

Check out our new Grants section on our website:  http://sportscentral.org.au/grants/

Or visit ClubHelp for more information:  http://www.clubhelp.org.au/fundraising/getting-grants