Spectrum SKILLZ

Southern Cross Martial Arts are new to Ballarat in 2019 but they have made a big impact in the short time they have been open. They have had a lot of interest in their specially designed program for children on the Autism spectrum, Spectrum Skillz.

The program introduces specialised skill-based training for children who have different physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities, with further consideration for sensory processing issues. It is described as a pre-martial arts program to give participants a foundation and understanding of what is involved in martial arts before they graduate into the general classes.

Initially offering two programs per week, they have now increased the number of programs to meet the demand. Chief Instructor, Damian Martin indicated they have been overwhelmed with the response to the program.

Visit the Southern Cross Martial Arts website for full details on Spectrum Skillz and scheduled classes. For more information or to get involved contact Southern Cross Martial Arts Ballarat directly.

Southern Cross Martial Arts
E-mail: ballarat@southerncrossmartialarts.com
Web: www.karateballarat.club
Ph: 0413759110