Premier’s Active April

Now in its eleventh year, Premier’s Active April continues to help Victorians join in the fun of increased physical activity.

What is Premier’s Active April?
Premier’s Active April encourages all Victorians to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to getting more people active and healthy. Start small – remember every little bit counts. It’s an easy way to kick start a healthier you!

As a participant, you can log your daily activity in the mobile or web app and chart your progress throughout the month. You can also create and join teams, track the progress of team members and explore the My Local feature to discover events, offers and facilities that are available across Victoria.

Plus, this year there is the all-new Get Active Workout Program where you can follow instructional videos to help you keep active each day. These can be done at home or in the park with no equipment required. There is also the all-new Activity Timer to make it easier than ever to track your daily workouts.

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