Meet Melani, a This Girl Can local champion

Meet Melani. Friend to all. Social Butterfly. Team member of the Ballarat Bulldogs Football Netball Club for players with intellectual disability and This Girl Can Local Champion. Show other women & girls you can play with the boys and be a positive role model for all genders or abilities!

This Girl Can- is a campaign designed to celebrate and support Victorian women and girls like Melani, who is embracing physical activity in her everyday life.

Melani is full of energy and loves catching up with her friends. She keeps busy with hobbies including Indoor Cricket, Zumba, Ten Pin Bowling and working at McCallum Industries. These are only a few of her many passions, she informed us that it was hard to choose a favourite sport per-say. Another one of Melani’s passion is her commitment to the Ballarat Bulldogs, now a continuous player for roughly 3-4 years. We asked why Melani enjoyed her sports, she responded with… “I get to play with boys and girls-my friends…it fun and social.” Melani is proud to wear the Ballarat Bulldogs logo and says it more than just a game, it a chance to meet new friends on and off the field. Melani finds herself a role model to others on the field and provides them with moral support to be the best person they can be regardless of experience, gender or abilities. In turn, she also receives positive support from her fellow football player’s. Melani likes to keep fit to feel healthy and wishes others in the community can feel the way she does when participating in sport or recreation activities.  Melani struggled with football technique at first, but with her determination she has gained new skills. “If you don’t win, try again”, Melani told us. Melani’s love for sports keeps her active and inspired to do her best.

When asked what wisdom she could pass to other women and girls, Melani responded with: “Be confident in yourself, be yourself and don’t let others bring you down-be your own boss”.

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