IDPwD Athlete Profiles: Mia

Meet AAA netballer, Mia Folbigg. 

AAA Sports Ballarat run introductory sporting programs for children with special needs and disability. They provide a tailored environment for children which promotes fun and inclusion. One of their most enthusiastic participants is 10 year old, Mia Folbigg.

Mia absolutely loves sport; she gets her sporting fix by participating in AAA NetSetGO and AAA MiniRoos. Mia’s father, Rob, loves that AAA NetSetGO and AAA MiniRoos is played in such an accepting environment, regardless of anyone’s disability. “It’s relieving to know we are entering an accepting environment with an even playing field. Mia will receive no judgement, AAA Sports Ballarat is just a great community to be a part of” stated Rob.

Rob has total piece of mind that Mia will be well supported by the entire AAA Sports Ballarat team, which is something he couldn’t guarantee within mainstream sporting clubs. AAA Sports Ballarat use inclusive coaching practices, modified equipment and a ratio of 1 coach to every 2 participants, to ensure all children are effectively supported and nurtured. Rob believes that the extra coaching support provided at AAA Sports Ballarat has been ideal at helping Mia develop her coordination, balance and ball skills. “She learns at her pace, I know she won’t be left behind” he explained.

In the winter months, Mia’s entire family drive all the way from Maryborough to Ballarat Grammar on Sunday mornings to participate in AAA NetSetGO and AAA MiniRoos. The near 2 hours of driving is always worth it, as the family enjoys a morning of inclusive sport together. Mia really enjoys the fun games and teamwork involved in AAA NetSetGO and she loves playing it with her friends. Mia especially enjoys spending time with her coaches Caitlin, Kellie and Brad and all of the Ballarat Grammar student volunteers.

Mia enjoys watching all sports, but especially netball as she hopes to one day play for the Melbourne Vixens. Mia’s favourite position in netball is goal shooter, where her height advantage over the other girls really pays off! When Mia isn’t shooting a netball or having a kick of the soccer ball, you will most likely find her playing another sport or doing a fun-run with her family. She also enjoys riding her family’s former racehorse, Ben, who was once ridden by her sporting idol, Michelle Payne.

As Mia grows older Rob wants for her to continue having choice and opportunity in her sporting endeavours. He hopes she can peruse her sporting ambitions in an inclusive environment free from pressure. Whatever Mia’s future sporting ambitions may be, Rob stated that her family will always be by her side helping her to achieve them, with plenty of encouragement along the way.

Sports Central work closely with AAA Sports Ballarat and other organisations to provide inclusive sporting opportunities so that Mia and other people with disability can enjoy the sports that they love!

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