Engaging older people in physical activity: Self-Assessment Tool and Resources

The Victorian Active Aging Partnership has developed and tested a Self-Assessment Tool and Resources (SaTR) to assist organisations and groups to review and reflect on current programs and activities, to think about what you are doing and what improvements could be made.

The SaTR can be used as a guide for establishing physical activity programs for older people for the first time or for establishing new programs. The SaTR also offers ideas and resources to assist in further improving your physical activity services for older people.

Different versions of the SaTR have been created for use by fitness/leisure centres, local councils, community health centres, sporting groups, U3As and neighbourhood houses/community centres.

For more information on the SaTR and how it works, please contact Sports Central on 5331 6966 or email info@sportscentral.org.au.

Further info is also available via the the Victorian Active Aging Partnership led by Musculoskeletal Australia.