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Sporting Club Grants Program

The Sporting Club Grants Program provides grants to assist in the purchase of sports uniforms and equipment, to improve the capacity and accessibility of Victorian clubs and other community sport and recreation organisations and increase the skills of their coaches, officials and managers. The program has four funding categories: Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment – Grants up to […]

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Volunteer Grants

The Australian Government invites organisations to apply for Volunteer Grants. Volunteer Grants enable community organisations to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to purchase small equipment items to assist their volunteers, assist with the reimbursement of fuel costs incurred by volunteers (and transport costs for volunteers with disability who are unable to drive), and […]

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Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program

The Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program provides Victorian sporting clubs with the opportunity to acquire an automatic external defibrillator (also known as an ‘AED’) for their club or sports facility. Successful applicants receive an ‘Automatic External Defibrillator Package’. The package includes a high quality defibrillator, some basic training and a minimum of three […]

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Australian Red Cross – Project Defib

Apply for a Defib Subsidy for your club. The Australian Red Cross “Project Defib” is a subsidy grant that provides every sporting club in Australia with access to a $1600 subsidy grant.  This will enable sporting clubs to safeguard their players, spectators and coaches with the most comprehensive defibrillator program. For more information, visit

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Defibrillator units and training to be gifted to sporting clubs and community groups

St John Ambulance Victoria recently launched a community program which will see it gift more than $70,000 worth of lifesaving defibrillators and associated training to Ballarat and Geelong community sporting clubs or organisations. With more than 5,500 cases of sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) in Victoria each year, a number of which take place on the […]

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Holden Home Ground Advantage Grants

The Holden Home Ground Advantage program provides local sporting clubs with the chance to invest in club rooms, sporting grounds, equipment or general facilities so they can also continue to be a part of the Australian way of life. It’s a way for Holden to give back to Australian communities. Holden encourages clubs to provide […]

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