City of Ballarat – 2019 Youth Awards

The City of Ballarat’s Youth Council is proud to present the 2019 Youth Awards.

Approximately 20,000 12–25 year olds call Ballarat home. The City of Ballarat Youth Awards is a wonderful opportunity for the community to recognise and celebrate our city’s young people.

In 2018, over 100 young people and their adult allies were nominated for their volunteering, leadership, commitment, determination and kindness. This year, we aim to again raise the profile of the city’s youth and the amazing part they play in the fabric of the community.

Since 2005, the City of Ballarat Youth Awards (formerly the City of Ballarat Youth Recognition Awards), has sought to better recognise young people for their role in the community. It was, and is still, felt that while there is the ready recognition for strong academic and sporting achievements, there are limited opportunities to reflect the true capacity and contributions of young people, in so many ways. As a result the City of Ballarat Youth Awards was born and continues to be an important, valued event in the Ballarat community.

One of the categories is the Leadership in Sport Award. This award recognises a young person (as an individual or as part of a team) who has made a difference in their club, team, organisation or community. They have demonstrated values such as commitment, fairness, teamwork, cooperation and leadership in sport. This includes club volunteers, coaches, umpires, team members and players who go above and beyond.

To nominate someone for the Leadership in Sport Award, click here.

Please email if you would like to see the criteria for each category before you begin the nomination process.

Nominations close on Friday 30th August.